In more than two decades of business, I’ve learned to do a lot around the office.

My experience includes operations management, sales, and project coordination for both Fortune 500 and mid- to low-volume businesses. Spreadsheets, email management, travel, budget tracking, and expediting are just a few of the ways I can help.

Blog and Website Management

Would you like some help setting up a new blog or website? It can take hours—sometimes days—to get everything just right, especially when your business is pulling your attention in all directions. Your blog deserves dedicated care and once we talk about your goals and expectations for the finished product, you can push that task to me.

If you’re looking for a quick website setup instead of full-time blog management, I can help with that, too. Your new WordPress or Squarespace site will be a breeze to update on your own using proprietary host tools. Once I deliver your completed site, I’ll be happy to run you through the basics so you can post at your convenience.

Social Media Management

I can help you set up your brand and make it as easy as possible to spread your message across common platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


I’ve even done a little design. Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and GIMP, I can design logos and online collateral for social media, print, and blogs.


Feel free to reach out with any questions.
I’d love to hear from you!